Fox Hunt
Locating Hidden Transmitters - Radio Direction Finding
A "fox", which is a low power transmitter set to transmit a tone or id for a set length of time, and then goes silent until its time to transmit again. By using various radios and antennae and attenuating systems, the teams start out from a set start line to locate the "fox". The first team to locate the "fox" is the winner. (The "fox hole", which is the location of the transmitter and the "fox howl", which is the tone or id transmitted from the transmitter).
Objective: To develop radio direction finding skills, foster the construction radio direction finding tools, and have a good time through competition and social interaction. Designed to be a fun event for all.
General rules: The location, the game frequency and the call frequency should be determined before the start of the fox hunt. Usually the morning hunt starts at 9:00 AM until 12:00 noon and the afternoon hunt starts at 2:00 PM. until 05:00 PM. The fox howl should be copied at the starting point by  the majority of the hunters present. The fox howl will be at a regular interval of every 5 minutes duration, in omni direction for one minute (First 30 seconds will be at 5 W and the following 30 seconds at 300 mw.). The fox transmitter should maintain constant power throughout the hunt. The antenna may not be changed during the course of the hunt. The fox antenna and transmitter shall be within 500 feet of access by standard passenger cars in a publicly accessible area with no charge for admission. Reasonable care must be taken to ensure that hunters can safely get to the hidden fox. The fox may not simultaneously transmit another signal  to interfere with the fox. The fox must also monitor the talk-in (Call) frequency to collect drop outs and announce if he is having technical difficulties. A good map of this area should be available among the hunters. The hunters can ask the first clue one hour before the end of the game, from the game controller who will be available in the call frequency and also the second clue 30 minutes before the end of the game. At the end of the fox hunt, the game controller will announce the fox hole and the winners. There should not be any QSO at the game frequency. (Winner may be also determined by the least mileage on the odometer of the hunter's vehicle at the time of finding the fox). The fox hunt may be on vehicle or on foot. Any rule modifications must be announced before the day of the fox hunt and should be announced at least a week early.

The first National level Fox Hunt
The first national level fox hunt was held at Bangalore on 20th August 2000.

Kerala fox hunt
Kerala fox hunt is conducted every year in Kerala and the Rolling Shield and the awards are presented to the first three winning teams. The fifth Kerala VHF fox hunt was at Quilon on 14th November 1999.
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